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Photo of Shelby Green, taken in 2022


  • Opinion: Tallahassee Utilities must establish a minimum shut-off amount

    After hearing a Tallahassee woman lost power for owing mere pennies on her utility bill, I argued that Tallahassee should adopt a minimum shut-off amount to prevent future needless disconnections for low balances.
  • Legislators backed by Dominion contributions to appoint Virginia utility commissioners

    Virginia Democrats selected Sam Towell and Kelsey Bagot to fill the Virginia State Corporation Commission long-standing Judge vacancies.
  • Opinion: How policymakers can tackle power shutoffs, utility greed and the climate emergency

    The preventable practice of disconnections keeps millions of Americans in poverty and narrows their avenues of escape. Solutions exist.


  • Beta Campaign Finance Explorer

    A map prototype using contributions data from Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey's 2022 re-election campaign.
  • Utility Front Group Advertisement Tracker

    Created a beta Facebook ad tracker for the Energy and Policy Institute to monitor the spending of utility-backed or affiliated front groups publicly.
  • Black History Month Calendar

    For Black History Month in 2022, I created a digital calendar to explore Black historical figures and structures in Tallahassee-Leon County.
  • Air Quality Bot

    A Twitter bot that openly tracked local air quality in Leon County, Florida.
  • Vision Zero Map

    A map that's currently in development. Once it's finished, it will publicize traffic crashes, and their stories, to advocate for safe streets and responsive policies in Tallahassee.
  • Climate Scorecard Map

    While Lead Software Developer at Climate Cabinet, I designed and built the first national map visualizing how State Legislators vote on key climate and environmental legislation.
  • Tallahassee Black History Map

    A simple map of historical Black figures and structures in Tallahassee-Leon County.
  • Utility Disconnections Map

    A map of households in the disconnection queue after Tallahassee ended its pandemic-era utility moratorium, without notice.
  • Texas Environmental Justice Explorer

    I build this direct-to-advocacy mapping tool for a Texas social justice organization. The map calculates a cumulative Environmental Justice Risk Score for every country and census tract in Texas, combining social and environmental risk factors.
  • Property Bot

    A Twitter bot that published images of properties from Leon County’s tax roll.
  • Electric Vehicle Site Suitability Analysis

    I performed a site suitability analysis, using R, to score various County-owned properties to identify the most suitable sites for the County's incoming charging stations.
  • Biking Map

    A map of personal, recorded bikes rides in Tallahassee.
  • Single-use Plastics Regulations in Florida

    One of the first maps I ever made! It visually details the municipalities across Florida that banned, or limited, the consumption of single-use plastics.